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This article is about the film distribution unit. For the related and similarly-named production studio, see Walt Disney Pictures. For the parent umbrella division, see Walt Disney Studios (division).

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures is an American film distribution studio within the Walt Disney Studios, which is owned by The Walt Disney Company.[1] It handles theatrical and occasional digital distribution, marketing and promotion for films produced and released by the Walt Disney Studios, including Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Disneynature, Pixar, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, Touchstone Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Fox 2000 Pictures, Blue Sky Studios, Studio Ghibli and certain films released by DreamWorks Pictures, while Fox Searchlight Pictures shares operations with its own autonomous distribution unit for its films. The studio has also released films under the now-defunct units of Hollywood Pictures, Caravan Pictures, Miramax Films and Dimension Films.

The company was originally established in 1953 as Buena Vista Film Distribution Company, Inc. (later renamed to Buena Vista Distribution Company, Inc. and Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Inc.). It took on its current name in 1985, and all films released prior to that year would have an appendage mentioning distribution by the new name on all subsequent television and home video releases, while keeping the original Buena Vista name at the beginnings of the films.[citation needed]

Before 1953, Walt Disney's productions were distributed by Winkler Pictures, Powers Pictures, Universal Pictures (Oswald the Lucky Rabbit shorts), Columbia Pictures (1929–1932), United Artists (1932–1937) and RKO Radio Pictures (1937–1956).




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Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures have distributed multiple films that have received nominations for the Academy Award for Best Picture; four from Walt Disney Pictures, seven from Touchstone Pictures, two from Hollywood Pictures, one each from Marvel Studios and 20th Century Fox.[2][3][4]Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures currently distributes films from Walt Disney Studios, other Disney film units and some third-party studios including:

Walt Disney Studios[5] Active distribution deals Former distribution deals

Walt Disney Pictures


Walt Disney Animation Studios


Marvel Studios


Touchstone Pictures

20th Century Fox

Fox Searchlight Pictures

Fox 2000 Pictures

20th Century Fox Animation

Blue Sky Studios

Former Disney units

Disneytoon Studios (1990–2018; closed)

Hollywood Pictures (1990–2007; closed)

Miramax Films (1993–2001; closed, library added to Touchstone Pictures, brand name sold in 2010.)

Dimension Films (1993–2001; closed)

Caravan Pictures (1993–1999; closed)

ImageMovers Digital (2009–2011; closed)

Other Disney units

ESPN Films (80%)

National Geographic Films (73%)

UTV Motion Pictures

Fox Star Studios

A&E IndieFilms (50%)

Buena Vista International

Jerry Bruckheimer Films (1993-present; nonexclusive)

Studio Ghibli (North America; 1998-present)[citation needed]

Mayhem Pictures (2002–present)[6]

DreamWorks Pictures (2011-present; 30-picture deal)[citation needed]

Panay Films[7]

Mandeville Films (1996–2010)[citation needed]

Chernin Entertainment (2019–2020)[citation needed]

Cinergi Pictures (1993–1998; closed)[8]

Beacon Pictures (2002–2007)[9][10]

Vanguard Animation (2002)[11]

POW! Entertainment (2007–2014)[12][13][14]

Spyglass Entertainment (1998–2008)[15][16][17]

Blinding Edge Pictures (1998–2005)[18]

International arrangements[]

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Highest-grossing films[]

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  1. ^ Chernin Entertainment began a first-look deal with 20th Century Fox in 2009. This deal was absorbed by Disney, when it acquired Fox in 2019 and was subsequently ended the following year.[citation needed]


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