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Fox 21 Television Studios is an American television production company that is a subsidiary of Disney Media Networks' Walt Disney Television owned by The Walt Disney Company.[1] It was founded in 2014 from the merger of Fox Television Studios and Fox 21.


Fox Television Studios[]

Fox Television Studios (FTVS) was formed in 1997 alongside 20th Century Fox Television and 20th Television[2] under executive David Grant.[3] The studio was created to house smaller production units, starting with the Greenblatt-Janollari Studio (G-JS). Greenblatt-Janollari started producing shows in the 1998–1999 season with 3 comedy series for ABC and CBS. While funded by Fox, G-JS was presented as an "independent mini-studio".[2] With Fox Entertainment Group holding a 20% stake in New Regency Production's parent corporation, Fox Studios formed a joint venture, Regency Television, by 2000, managed by Gail Berman.[2][3] Another production unit formed was Fox Television Studios Productions (FTSP) under Lisa Berger. Early output by the individual units, or "pods" were FTSP's Son of the Beach for FX, The Hughleys by G-JS and Regency had Malcolm in the Middle.[3]

The pod model evolved into five divisions: alternative, scripted, international, Fox World and Regency Television. The alternative division was responsible for Talkshow with Spike Feresten and The Wanda Sykes Show, along with E!'s The Girls Next Door franchise. The scripted division produced The Shield, along with a number of television films and miniseries.[3]

Fox World division had acquired rights to "The Coach" in early 2002 from France's TF1 and its Quai Sud production entity. In mid-2002, Fox Alternative Productions was formed by Fox TV Studios and headed by David Martin with its first show to be "The Coach".[4]

Eventually the only division operating was the scripted unit. Next FTVS attempted international co-productions of direct-to-series broadcast series. The company had a hit with Burn Notice on USA Network. In August 2010, Dave Madden was appointed to head the unit, where he evenly increased its production slates until he was appointed as president of entertainment for Fox Broadcasting in August 2014.[3]

Fox 21[]

Fox 21 was formed in 2004 by 20th Century Fox Television executives Dana Walden and Gary Newman to develop and back smaller-budgeted but unique and daring shows. Fox 21's first executive was Jane Leisner. The unit's early hits were the FX series Sons of Anarchy and The CW reality series Beauty and the Geek.[3]

After originally being passed over for programming the new network, MyNetworkTV, Fox 21 was in consideration along with Twentieth Television and independent producers as of December 2006 in a potential reprogramming from telenovela to low-cost reality and game shows.[5]

Bert Salke, who moved from his Brancato/Salke production company based at ABC Studios, took charge of the unit in 2010 and led an increase in show productions starting with the Showtime series Homeland.[3] In early 2015, Mythology Entertainment signed a first look deal with the company and its sister studio 20th Century Fox Television while announcing the head of its TV division.[6]

The company produces or had produced the USA Network series Rush, the FX series Terriers, Tyrant and The Bastard Executioner, the A&E action series Breakout Kings, the Comedy Central series Brickleberry, the WGN America series Salem, the TNT series Legends and the Lifetime series Witches of East End.[7]


It was announced in December 2014 that Fox 21 and Fox Television Studios would merge into Fox 21 Television Studios. This situation came as a result of FTVS' president David Madden being promoted to Fox Broadcasting Company and the fact that both units were focusing on the same market, cable TV. The combined operation is headed by Fox 21 president Bert Salke.[3]

In January 2020, Fox 21 reached a first-look deal with Marta Kauffman's studio Okay Goodnight, beginning with an adaptation of the 2019 novel The Dreamers.[8] In early-February 2020, it reached a first-look deal with the Gotham Group.[9]

Programming produced[]

Title Year Network Notes
Fox Television Studios
The Hughleys 1998–2002 ABC/UPN with The Greenblatt/Janollari Studio and Willowick Entertainment
Maggie Winters 1998–1999 CBS with The Greenblatt/Janollari Studio and CBS Productions
To Have & to Hold 1998 CBS with The Greenblatt/Janollari Studio and CBS Productions
Oh, Grow Up 1999 ABC with The Greenblatt/Janollari Studio
Malcolm in the Middle 2000–2006 FOX with Satin City and Regency Television
Son of the Beach 2000–2002 FX with The Howard Stern Production Company and Loch Lomond Entertainment
Soul Food: The Series 2000–2004 Showtime with Water Walk Productions, Edmonds Entertainment, State Street Pictures, 20th Century Fox Television, and Paramount Network Television (Seasons 1 & 2)
Murder in Small Town X 2001 FOX with Hoosick Falls Productions
The Shield 2002–2008 FX with MiddKid Productions, Columbia TriStar Domestic Television, and Sony Pictures Television
John Doe 2002–2003 FOX with Camp-Thompson Productions and Regency Television
The Grid 2004 TNT with Groveland Pictures and Carnival Films
Living with Fran 2005–2006 The WB with Fringe Producers, On Time and Sober, Jizzy Entertainment, Uh-Oh Productions, and Regency Television
The Girls Next Door 2005–2010 E! with Prometheus Entertainment and Alta Loma Entertainment
Killer Instinct 2005 FOX with Regency Television
Thief 2006 FX with Pariah Television, Sarabrande Productions, and Regency Television
Windfall 2006 NBC with Joyful Girl Productions and Regency Television
Celebrity Duets 2006 FOX with SYCOtv and A. Smith & Co. Productions
The Riches 2007–2008 FX with Maverick Television and FX Productions
Burn Notice 2007–2013 USA Network with Springbok Productions, Flying Glass of Milk Productions and Fuse/Fabrik Entertainment
Saving Grace 2007–2010 TNT with Grand Productions and Paid My Dues Productions
Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants 2007–2008 The CW
The Return of Jezebel James 2008 FOX with Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions and Regency Television
Mental 2009 FOX with Kedzie Productions and Infinity Pictures
Kendra 2009–2011 E! with Prometheus Entertainment and Alta Loma Entertainment
Defying Gravity 2009 ABC with Parriott/Edelstein Productions and Omni Film Productions
White Collar 2009–2014 USA Network with Jeff Eastin & Warrior George Productions
The Wanda Sykes Show 2009–2010 FOX with Sykes Entertainment, Inc.
Holly's World 2009–2011 E!
The Good Guys 2010 FOX with Flying Glass of Milk Productions and Fuse Entertainment
Persons Unknown 2010 NBC with Invisible Ink and Televisa S.A. de C.V.
The Gates 2010 ABC with Little Engine Productions and Summerland Entertainment
The Glades 2010–2013 A&E with Innuendo Productions and Grand Productions
Lights Out 2011 FX with A Warren Leight Production, Fineman Entertainment, and FX Productions
The Killing 2011–2014 AMC/Netflix with KMF Films, Fuse Entertainment, and Fabrik Entertainment
In the Flow with Affion Crockett 2011 FOX with Foxx/King Entertainment and Tantamount Studios
The Great Escape 2012 TNT with Profiles Television Productions, The Hochberg Ebersol Company, and Imagine Television
The Americans 2013–2018 FX with Nemo Films, Amblin Television, and FX Productions
Maron 2013–2016 IFC with Boomer Lives! Productions and Apostle
Graceland 2013–2015 USA Network with Jeff Eastin & Warrior George Productions
Sirens 2014–2015 USA Network with Middletown News and Apostle
Fox 21
Beauty and the Geek 2005–2008 The WB/The CW with Katalyst Films and 3 Ball Productions
Free Ride 2006 FOX with Rob Roy Thomas Productions and Wild Jams Productions
Saved 2006 TNT
Anchorwoman 2007 FOX
Sons of Anarchy 2008–2014 FX with Linson The Company, Sutter Ink, and FX Productions
Game Show in My Head 2009 CBS
Terriers 2010 FX with MiddKid Productions and Rickshaw Productions
Breakout Kings 2011–2012 A&E with Matt Olmstead Productions, Blackjack Films, and Chernin Entertainment
Homeland 2011–2020 Showtime with Teakwood Lane Productions, Cherry Pie Productions, Keshet Media Group, and Showtime Networks
Brickleberry 2012–2015 Comedy Central with Damn! Show Productions and Black Heart Productions
Witches of East End 2013–2014 Lifetime with 3 Arts Entertainment and Curly Girly Productions
Those Who Kill 2014 A&E with One Two One Three Pictures, Miso Film, and Imagine Television
Salem 2014–2017 WGN America with Beetlecod Productions and Prospect Park
Tyrant 2014–2016 FX with Teakwood Lane Productions, Keshet Media Group, and FX Productions
Rush 2014 USA Network with Little Engine Productions, Fancy Films, and Pine City Entertainment
Legends 2014–2015 TNT with Paperboy Productions and Teakwood Lane Productions
Fox 21 Television Studios
The Comedians 2015 FX with Jennilind Productions, Larry Charles Projects, Tamaroa Productions, Flying Glass of Milk Productions, Fabrik Entertainment, and FX Productions
Complications 2015 USA Network with Flying Glass of Milk Productions
Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll 2015–2016 FX with Apostle and FX Productions
The Bastard Executioner 2015 FX with Sutter Ink, Imagine Television, and FX Productions
American Crime Story 2016–present FX with Springbok Productions, Scott & Larry Productions, Ryan Murphy Productions, and FX Productions
Damien 2016 A&E with 44 Strong Productions and Fineman Entertainment
Dice 2016–2017 Showtime with Olé Productions, American Work Inc., and Showtime Networks
Queen of the South 2016–present USA Network with Frequency Films, Friendly Films, Skeeter Rosenbaum Productions, and Universal Cable Productions
Global Frequency 2016–present FX with Jerry Bruckheimer Television, Touchstone Television, DC Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Television
Chance 2016–2017 Blockbuster with Nutmegger, Kem Nunn Stories, Inc., and Groundswell Productions
Feud 2017–present FX with Springbok Productions, Plan B Entertainment and Ryan Murphy Productions
Genius 2017–present National Geographic with Imagine Television, Paperboy Productions, OddLot Entertainment, and EUE / Sokolow
The Chi 2018–present Showtime with Elwood Reid Inc., Hillman Grad Productions, Freedom Road Productions, Verse Productions, Kapital Entertainment, and Showtime Networks
Seven Seconds 2018 Blockbuster with KMF Films, Bender Brown Productions, and Filmtribe
Pose 2018–present FX with Color Force, Brad Falchuk Teley-Vision, Ryan Murphy Television, and FX Productions
Mayans M.C. 2018–present FX with Sutter Ink and FX Productions
Fosse/Verdon 2019 FX with 5000 Broadway Productions and FX Productions
The Politician 2019–present Blockbuster
Soundtrack 2019 Blockbuster with Annapurna Television and 20th Century Fox Television
Barkskins 2020–present National Geographic with Elwood Reid Inc.
Tales from the Loop 2020–present Blockbuster with Springbok Productions, 6th & Idaho and Indio
Ratched 2020–present Blockbuster with The Saul Zaentz Company and Ryan Murphy Productions
Books of Blood[10] 2020 Blockbuster television film; with Fuzzy Door Productions

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