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Devil's Playground is the twelfth studio album by Meat Loaf, released on September 16, 2016 by Exploitation Records.

It is the first album since Bat Out of Hell III: The Last at Bat to feature songs by Jim Steinman, though Steinman had no involvement in the recording. The album was produced by Paul Crook and Steven Rinkoff, and consists entirely of songs previously written for other projects and albums, with nothing made specially for this record. However, the songs "Renegade Angel" and "Devil's Playground" had never been recorded by anyone prior, effectively counting as new songs.

The album artwork by Julie Bell shows Meat Loaf and a young Steinman from behind, staring up at the "Four Bikers of the Apocalypse", astride the motorcycles used on the Bat Out of Hell trilogy and Dead Ringer, speeding towards the duo.

All songs by Jim Steinman, except where noted

-Give Me the Simple Life

-Dance In My Pants

-Renegade Angel

-Speaking in Tongues

-Train of Love

-Come With Me

-Devil's Playground


-The Want Ad

-Safe Sex

Tracks on Deluxe Edition

-Prize Fight Lover (Rick Brantley/Dave Bassett/Tommy Henriksen)

-For What It's Worth (with Stephen Stills) (Stephen Stills)

-I'd Do Anything for Love But I Won't Do That (songwriter demo) (with Imelda May) (Jim Steinman)